Obstacle Wear

The details

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The strong

Even though our base layer is one the strongest Lycra's there is, if one spot get's hit or rubbed, over and over again, it is gonna peel or tare at one point. So we had to find a real tough fabric that protects the memory foam and would guarantee to be undistructable. And of course Cordura would do the job. In order not to lose the flexibility in your movement we had to go for a thin but

on-the-job layer.

We believe this is our strong!

The soft

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Somewehere in a small town in Italy we have found the best manufacturer for the soft part. Underneath the strong layer there is a 4mm impact memory foam. This one is breathable, flexibel, thin and has got your back on any hit. It won't suck up any water so you carry on running out of the water as dry as you came in.

If you want to go hard but land soft...

This is our soft!

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The base

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Maybe last on this page, but first on our quality list.

Also produced in a small town in Italy in one of the most eco sustainable mills in Europe. This is the best Lycra you'll find at this moment. This is "Explosive"

And this is what makes THE perfect base: 

  • High Compression and Muscle Sustain

  • Outstanding Comfort - Second Skin Effect

  • Low Effort needed to make the movement:


Move like a champion!